Citrox Protect

Effective against viruses, including coronaviruses, on non-porous surfaces for up to 6 months

The world’s first eco-safe, natural 3D microbiota barrier to protect non-porous surfaces from cross-infection. Non-toxic, non-oxidising, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, hypoallergenic and non-corrosive, Citrox products are totally natural, with organic active ingredient, a 100% natural organic antimicrobial agent extracted from citrus fruits.

Suitability & Applications

CitroxProtect comes in a variety of formulations, suitable for sanitising application, on any non-porous touchpoint surface, in any environment. From retail buildings to corporate offices, or leisure and entertainment locations such as restaurants, to create safer, cleaner environments. Applied by trained biotechnicians in line with manufacturers guidelines, CitroxProtect should continue to be regularly cleaned using products with a pH value between 3-12 to maintain the quality of the coating. Subject to acceptable wear and tear and regular cleaning, the coating protects non-porous touchpoint surfaces from viruses for up to six months.

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99.9998% effectiveness

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more powerful than other natural cleaners

EN14476 approved

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manufacturer guarantee

How it works

CitroxProtect combines Citrox and silicone dioxide (SiO2), often referred to as liquid glass, to protect non-porous surfaces from viruses, bacteria, fungi and mildew. The SiO2 creates a barrier that prevents viruses being absorbed, whilst the Citrox solution inhibits viruses. With the near-invisible coating of CitroxProtect, your non-porous touchpoint surfaces are protected for up to 6 months.

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Industry Accreditations

CitroxProtect has been independently tested against multiple viruses and bacteria to prove its effectiveness, including EN14476, EN13697 and EN13704. Discover the full list of standards CitroxProtect meets, and viruses it is proven against.

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Citrox Return to Work Packs

To provide a safe return to work for your colleagues, Citrox from Mitie offer individual employee packs. Each pack contains two Citrox hand gels, with each application offering 3 hours of protection, a CitroxProtect wipe, which protects up to four mobile phones from multiple viruses, and surgical masks to block transmission of micro-organisms. This pack of essentials provides peace of mind for every colleague, enabling a safer return to work.

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