Citrox BioMisting

BioMisting can significantly reduce the number of pathogens when compared to manual surface cleaning alone. Applied by trained biotechnicians, the Citrox BioMisting solution provides coverage over all surfaces. The treatment helps to combat infections landing on the surface, as well as leaving a residual barrier to prevent further spread of viruses and bacteria.

Where increased distribution of pathogens can routinely occur, or in highly contagious situations, speed of treatment and protection is of the essence. Rapid sanitisation via the BioMisting process can quickly break the chain.

The treatment will not only combat infections landing on surfaces, but will leave a residual barrier preventing the further spread of viruses and bacteria.

BioMisting is an important step when conducting a deep clean. Using the BioMist Ultra Low Volume machine, specially adapted for use within the facilities management sector, premises are cleaned from ceiling to floor covering all surfaces.

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more powerful than other natural cleaners

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