Suitability & Applications

CitroxProtect comes in a variety of formulations, suitable for every sanitising application, on any non-porous touchpoint surface, in any  environment. From healthcare to retail buildings, corporate offices, or leisure and entertainment facilities such as restaurants, CitroxProtect helps to create safer, cleaner environments.

CitroxProtect is ideal for use on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces and can be applied to all high-risk touch points such as door handles, stair rails, touch screens and more. Safe for use on technology and food preparation surfaces, CitroxProtect is ideal for all work environments – from desks, phones and laptops, through to kitchens or retail displays. Due to the high levels of wear and tear, CitroxProtect is not suitable for use on floors as the integrity of the coating cannot be guaranteed.

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The product is applied by fully trained biotechnicians, with the correct PPE, in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines. Each surface undergoes an initial clean prior to the coating being applied. Surfaces are then coated with CitroxProtect and dry to the touch within 20 minutes and fully sealed within 24 hours.

Surfaces treated with CitroxProtect should continue to be regularly cleaned after application, but chemicals used must have a pH value between 3 and 12 to maintain the quality of the CitroxProtect coating. Subject to appropriate cleaning and acceptable wear and tear, CitroxProtect ensures non-porous touchpoint surfaces are protected from viruses for up to six months.

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